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Lola, 1961 Polish A1, Maciej

Perhaps no filmmaker has shaped the art of contemporary documentary storytelling more than director Errol Morris. This retrospective, now on the Channel, showcases highlights from his pioneering body of work, alongside illuminating archival …

In this excerpt from a 1994 documentary, Abbas Kiarostami talks from the driver’s seat about the central role that love and friendship play in his work.

In this excerpt from a 1994 documentary, the Abbas Kiarostami talks from the driver’s seat about the central role that love and friendship play in his work.

Our edition of HOLIDAY (1938)—out this January—includes Edward H. Griffith's 1930 adaptation of Philip Barry’s play; audio excerpts from an AFI oral history with George Cukor, recorded in 1970 and ’71; a costume gallery; an essay by @thehighsign; and more!

SHITAMACHI festival opens today with 35mm screenings of DRUNKEN ANGEL and STRAY DOG, two Kurosawa Noir masterpieces starring Toshiro

Just received my sample copies of @Criterion ‘s Showa Era Godzilla Film box set! I did three kilos. 15 other illustrators are contributions to this.,Thank you for the fantastic project! (Pre-order through Criterion web store.)

Nunsploitation meets the art house in this week's Double Feature: two delirious tales of repressed sexuality, madness, and mass hysteria from visionary iconoclasts of the British cinema.

High up in the Himalayas, the sisters of an Anglican convent get hot under their habits as they try to resist earthly temptations in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s feverish Technicolor hallucination BLACK NARCISSUS (1947)

Then we’re whisked away to seventeenth-century France, where demonic possession and sexual frenzy run riot in a nunnery in Ken Russell’s THE DEVILS (1971), a massively controversial heathen freak-out banned around the world for its searing sacrilegious

On our edition of Jean-Luc Godard's LE PETIT SOLDAT (1963)—arriving in January—you can find a 1965 interview with Godard; a 1963 interview with actor Michel Subor; an audio interview with Godard from 1961; an essay by critic Nicholas Elliott; and more!

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Did You See This? …

Olivia de Havilland and Montgomery Clift in THE HEIRESS (1949)

On our edition of ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER: a documentary on the making of the film; a TV program featuring Pedro Almodóvar & his mother; an essay by film scholar Emma Wilson, along with (Blu-ray only) an interview with Almodóvar & a tribute he wrote to his mother, both from

"In these films, female witches are treated as ambiguous characters, victims of sexist oppression but also as potentially dangerous wielders of destructive power...Rather than repeating old ideas about dangerous women, he wants to open a dialogue between the past & the present."

Decades before the witch became a staple of horror cinema, Benjamin Christensen used this gothic figure to explore the oppression of women in different historical periods.

Read Chloé Germaine Buckley on HÄXAN (1922) …

"The world, the real world, as Christensen shows it, is permeated with irrational belief, filled with gaps by which some devil may yet enter and possess us."

Integrating fact, fiction, objective reality, hallucination, and different levels of representation, this silent masterpiece invented what decades later would be known as the essay film.

Read Chris Fujiwara on HÄXAN (1922) …

Over the next several weeks, New Yorkers will be treated to a wide range of thematic and historical perspectives on Tokyo @FilmForumNYC + @js_film_nyc … Plus Japanese ghost stories @MovingImageNYC! …

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